Aylesham Business Park

Project: Allen Dadswell Construction Consultants acted as both Employer’s Agent and Quantity Surveyor for East Kent Spatial Development Company, who are a publically funded body.

The works at Aylesham Business Park have spanned in excess of 10 years and comprise of the construction of two industrial workshop buildings at circa 1,500m2 each, a two storey, 500m2 office building, associated highways, paved areas, landscaping extensive ecological works and car parking.

Each contract was let individually with various principles and objectives including achieving BREEAM ratings for sustainability of ‘very good’, complying with extensive ecology requirements and meeting with demands of the Employer, Funder and Managing Trust.
The works have been completed successfully with almost full occupation of each unit and office space.

Date: 2002 – 2014

Value: £4m